Vision studio
Vision studio is my home in the woods near Wakefield, QC., where I create and lay down my ideas.  It's also a great place to record a full album or a voice.  Everything is open so it makes it easy to move from one thing to the next.  The acoustics are also great, not to mention the outdoors - it's bright, the vibe is creative and comfortable - all pine, and with the warmth and smell of a fire in the woodstove, some bailey's or fine scotch, it makes this studio a dream to create amazing music in.
This is most often where I do my mixing and final audio production.

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The Gallery Recording studios is a joint venture with producer/engineers Dean Watson and Arturo Brisindi.  It's housed in a century-old restored church in Ottawa's Glebe downtown, having the name "Gallery" because of the large main room that doubles as an art gallery, which kindof makes the space that much more divine.

Vintage wood floors and 21ft high ceilings, curved windows, ambient lighting, a baby grand piano, and amazing acoustics and vibe.  Not to mention some fine recording gear - API pres and an arsenal of quality mics, quite the massive front end to compliment this acoustically rich recording environment.
I mostly use this studio for specific recording jobs - drums, classical instruments, guitars, vocals, choir and of course piano - the kinds of things that utilize the beautiful acoustics of the room.  This is also a great room for live floor recordings.

2 Monk St., Ottawa ON.