executing & overseeing the production & integration of all final audio (music, sound design, VO) from concept to delivery of final mixes and masters
creating and producing final masters of music for games, radio, TV, film, etc. 
Recording & Mixing, "Producing"
Email: krissy@whitenoizeaudio.com
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creating sound effects and environmental mixes; optimizing and implementing audio into programs & applications  
(Creative Direction, Execution, Logistics and Optimization)
  • music 
  • VO 
  • audio recording & post for video
  • live recordings
  • sound design 
  • transfers
Additional Services:

video games, records, radio spots, interactive experiences, videos, film

Casting, Writing and Directing
creative and licensing

- send stems or multiple tracks, we'll mix them and send back by ftp

  DRUM TRAX - custom drums recorded and sent as 8 tracks or mixed drums by ftp