AAZED began in 2005.  

The music is:  Mike White on drums, guitars, bass, vocals, and synths. 
It's also produced and engineered my Mike White.

The band is made up of artists who contribute to the art of AAZED in its entirety.  That includes Sean Hyatt (graphics), Krissy White (photography), and Marc Adornato (robots).

AAZED is Mike's art in the form of music.  It's not done for commercial purposes, but for spiritual and artistic ones.

In 2010 he released a full length CD entitled "Worship Vanity... Forsake True Loyalty" which included the 3 songs from the demo he had put out in 2006, and some of the other songs he had kicking around over the years.

The CD also includes "Sumpin Bacon Dazway", which is the first 10 minutes of the AVX (Audio Visual Experience - a feature film length sonic and visual journey) he continues to work on.  The AVX is the germ of the "live production" seed, which he hopes to put on when Life permits.
The live production will contain a live performance of the music of AAZED amidst a live art installation combining several art forms and robots, etc.
It's a work in progress and will take a lot of people to pull it off - but if it happens, it will be the best live show ever.

So "stay tuned", and "don't touch that dial!"  We might just get to see AAZED live in peformance one day.  If you ever do hear of a show happening, you can bet your booty it will be much more than 4 guys on stage playing instruments.

It's not easy making money doing your music in this age when music is mostly free.  So God Bless anyone who actually buys it.  For now, you can count on the fact that the music of AAZED will not stop being produced.

 © 2010 ZeroInfinity Productions

(in mushy, squished mp3 format):

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To order a CD at the bargain price of $5 contact us directly.  

AAZED is known as "metal", however being the music of Mike White, it also includes his electronic side.
"The War Story" was his first AVX, and now the second one is 2/3 done.
It begins with "Sumpin Bacon Dazway" and continues with "Hours of Time".  Once the 3rd component is composed, the visuals will be created. 

7th Dimension
Life is Pain
Big Deal
Saad Buudy
Slaves Freed from Machines;
Hours of Time